Will hearing aids completely restore my hearing?
No, hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to the exact same level as before you experienced hearing loss. However, hearing aids can let you hear sounds that you couldn’t before. Your hearing aids will also help you hear better in a wide variety of situations and environments.
How do hearing aids perform with background noise?
Background noise is present in everyone’s lives. Unconsciously, the brain filters out most background noise. With a hearing loss, the brain becomes lazy in this process because all sounds are reduced or inaudible. When an individual begins using a hearing aid, all sounds are once again heard, and it is necessary to retrain the brain to filter. It is critical that once a person is fit with a hearing aid, that he or she participates in follow-up and counseling sessions during this period of adjustment.
How do I choose the right type of hearing aid?
The degree of hearing loss is a major factor in deciding what type of hearing aid best suits a person’s needs. Personal preference and lifestyle are also factors that should be considered. Your hearing professional will guide you through hearing aid selection.