Why can’t I understand speech in a crowded environment?
Most speaking voices are in a mid- to high-frequency range of sound, which, coincidentally, is the range we lose first. A hearing loss in this range, with any loud or distracting noises around you, is going to make it difficult for you to understand what is being said. AGXO hearing aids feature innovative technology that has the ability to reduce background sounds, making it much easier to understand a conversation in a noisy environment.
Should I buy my hearing aids through the Internet, mail order, or a hearing professional?
It is undoubtedly recommended that you purchase a hearing instrument in person rather than through mail order or the Internet. Expert, personal assistance is required in the evaluation of hearing, the selection and fitting of the hearing instrument, and the follow-up services needed for the successful use of your hearing system. This can only be accomplished through a professional relationship between you and your hearing instrument specialist or audiologist.
What medications can cause hearing loss?
Medicines that damage the ear and can cause hearing loss are known as ototoxic medicines. They are a common cause of hearing loss. Commonly used medicines that may cause hearing loss include:

  • Aspirin (eight to 12 pills a day)
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen
  • Diuretics used to treat high blood pressure
  • Medicines used to treat cancer