In September of 2017, our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, had the wonderful opportunity to go to China as part of a mission trip with the help of Audigy Venture Group and our hearing partners.

Amanda provides a hearing aid fitting to an underserved patient in China
Our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, fitting one of the two hundred patients on her mission trip to China.

This mission trip allowed the team of hearing care experts to provide hearing instrument support to thousands of low income and underserved Chinese people.

While there, she was fortunate enough to work side-by-side with hearing industry veteran Bill Austin. During Amanda’s brief time there, she was blessed to be able to fit over two hundred patients with new hearing aids.  Working with children as young as four and as old as ninety was an amazing experience which she is incredibly grateful for.

Amanda’s most treasured memory of this trip was enabling a father, who for twenty years had never heard the sound of his son’s voice, to hear again.

Amanda with hearing aid recipient
Our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, with a younger recipient of new hearing aids and his sister while attending a mission trip in China.

Our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, with one of the lucky recipients of new hearing aids on her mission trip to China.

In May of 2018 the City of Boerne Texas was fortunate enough to host the Aid the Silent 5K. Aid the Silent is a wonderful organization that helps hearing-impaired children attend camp and other projects throughout the year.


Amanda getting ready to run a 5k to benefit children in need of hearing aids
Our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, getting ready to run the Aid the Silent 5K with her family.

Hill County sponsors hearing impaired children
The Hill Country Hearing booth at the Aid the Silent 5k, manned by our Office Manager, Amanda Pate. We were able to both support a worthwhile event and help educate the public on the importance of hearing health.

As sponsors of this event, Hill Country Hearing was able to provide outreach and support to members of the Central Texas community that struggle every day with hearing loss. Our Office Manager, Amanda Pate, and her famliy had a blast running the 5K along with other hearing-impaired athletes!