Mark Hedrick, Au.D.


Dr. Mark Hedrick, Au.D., has been an audiologist for over 20 years. He received his Masters in Audiology from the University of Texas in Austin and his Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida. He brings a vast amount of experience from working as an audiologist in diagnostic hearing facilities, private practice hearing clinics, and specialty balance and vestibular clinics. Dr. Hedrick is a native Texan, born in Longview, and having grown up going to camp every summer outside of Kerrville, the Hill Country has always felt like home and occupies a special place in his heart. Dr. Hedrick has an eleven-year-old son and a shameless love of live music and his self-proclaimed mediocre guitar playing.

“My grandfather once told me that the sooner you realize you are in the people business — regardless of what you do — the better off you are! I could not agree more. Personally, as the son of a Presbyterian minister and a social worker, I was probably born wanting to connect with and help people. I sincerely want my patients to laugh at my jokes and enjoy the time we spend together, all the while staying mindful of the true gravity of our shared mission. Not only is better hearing a hedge against dementia but it is a well-studied, undeniably proven hedge against unhappiness and depression. We are social animals. As social animals, if you can’t connect with your tribe, your family, and your friends properly, you are at an extraordinary disadvantage when it comes to your personal well-being. I joke with my patients about being a communication repairman but that really is close to the truth. Being a glorified communication repairman of sorts is a really important, really human pursuit that I not only enjoy but feel privileged to perform.”